Saying goodbye to a life is hard.

We can help you make it beautiful.

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Life has a natural cycle of beginnings and endings. So, why do we celebrate the first part and avoid talking about the last part?

How Comfortable are you in talking about death?

“How can it be possible to never talk out loud about death, in a world where everyone dies?”

-Kevin Toolis


What happens at death is a mystery but asking questions around what matters in our life and our death can help us and our loved ones with the mystery of what choices are the right ones to make.

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What is your current need?


I am starting to think about things and I want to explore what matters to me or my loved one, the choices and options that we might want and how to start these conversations.


Myself or my loved one has a diagnosis of is approaching end-of-life, and we need resources to help consider and choose care options that make this stage as meaningful as possible.


My loved one has died and we need guidance and support to say our goodbye. This may include a celebration, home-based or more traditional funeral.

What style of support suits you best?


I need support to talk things over, get perspective and gather information, make plans.

Self-Directed A La Carte

I am comfortable guiding myself through information, resources or learning.

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Here we share stories, tips, and how to’s. Explore and learn innovative approaches to having those meaningful conversations.

In the Life Training

In the Life Training

I have somewhat gently introduced my own family to my passion for thinking and talking about death. I’ve had them play the Exit Matters game back when…

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My passion is to create innovative and engaging ways to open up our thinking and talking about what matters to us - in our life and our death.


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