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Our Story


Life has a natural cycle of beginnings and endings. So, why do we celebrate the first part and avoid talking about the last part? I am passionate about creating innovative and engaging experiences to help us SEE death as a natural part of life and FACE our death with grace.


Actions we can take now
  • Spark awareness and conversations
  • Empower choices and decisions
  • Express our wishes to others


Impacts to consider
  • Family/friends
  • Attitudes about death
  • Care and cost of care we receive
  • Environment

Knowing we will all go through this at some point, Exit Matters has done some of the thinking and gathering for you. Let us help you in your journey to sort through what matters.


“How can it be possible to never talk out loud about death, in a world where everyone dies?”

-Kevin Toolis

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Our Products, Services, & Events

We help you SEE and FACE death in a variety of ways.


Easily spark conversations with loved ones about your exit and what matters while playing this game.



This fun game encourages you to express yourself and the things you want to do and be in your life.



Go through our guiding Exit Matters Resource Menu to empower yourself with options and choices.



Pre-plan or plan a unique funeral celebration that expresses and honours your life.



Customize your game with original pieces and branded bags with the lovely images from the games..



Enjoy our new book which helps to clarify the place of death in our lives.



Do your clients or staff struggle to start these conversations? Try a facilitated Exit Matters game as a part of your professional development.



A list of events that are happening so you can check out the games and workshops for yourself.



What People are Saying

“…gets the conversation started….”

“This game [Exit Matters] gets the conversation started. I think it would be very beneficial to play with your loved ones as you can hear their wishes loud and clear.”

“…VERY thought provoking….”

“I liked how it invoked open conversations… – especially liked the Choices cards – VERY thought provoking.; encouraged me to think about my wishes surrounding my death.”

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Here we share stories, tips, and how to’s. Explore and learn innovative approaches to having those meaningful conversations.

In the Life Training

In the Life Training

I have somewhat gently introduced my own family to my passion for thinking and talking about death. I’ve had them play the Exit Matters game back when…

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My passion is to create innovative and engaging ways to open up our thinking and talking about what matters to us - in our life and our death.


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