Bucket List

Helping You Express What Matters Most


Thinking about your Bucket List helps you learn about what matters most .

This is a board game meant for anyone who wants to bring meaning to the conversation of  “what’s on my Bucket List”.  Are you someone who has thoughts, ideas, visions or even vague impressions of what you want to do before you  “Kick the Bucket”? How about who you want to be or how you want to live – right now and for the rest of the time you have? If you want to explore what matters to you in all areas of your life then this game is for you.

Bucket List

This is a stand-alone game and can be played by anyone, anywhere.

Bucket List comes with:

  • a game board printed on washable fabric
  • colourful playing pieces
  • dice
  • 60 game cards 
  • bucket lists to fill in during game play
  • a beautiful cloth bag to keep everything all together

Players: Suitable for up to 6 players
Age: 14 and up
Cost: $80 per game plus applicable taxes


What People are Saying

“… consider time in a different way….”

“I think the bucket list game helps people to consider time in a different way and the importance of doing gratifying things in our lives.”

“… lighter game than the Exit game.”

“Maybe a little lighter game than the Exit game. And more of a game that might appeal to the younger generation as they have a much harder time talking about end of life.”

“… reflect on ….things you find important….”

” I liked how it made you reflect on yourself; your values, things you find important, something we don’t often do.”