Helping You Express what Matters – in both your Life and Death.

At Exit Matters we play with ideas that touch everyone – including death. As an Expression Coach, Jennifer Davis loves to go deep in a gentle, engaging way that helps people express what really matters, in their work, their words and their life – and their death.

Death is not only a natural part of life, it is a great clarifier. Pondering our ending creates the opening to express what matters and gives us the opportunity to make meaning and purpose in the life we have remaining.

Expression Coach, Jennifer Davis

“You matter because you are you and you matter to the end of your life.”

– Dame Cicely Saunders

Advance Care Planning or contemplating and communicating your end-of-life options and wishes is a necessary conversation, but not necessarily the easiest or most comfortable one to start.

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More about Exit Matters

As a volunteer with Hospice and sitting in on focus groups with medical professionals, that same necessity has been heard over and over again. From that spark came a board game called Exit Matters that leads you through these difficult topics with ease, information, and enjoyment.

A topical view of the Exit Matters game

Exit Matters game

Photography by Playing With Sparks

Bucket List came from the realization that it’s hard to just magically start a conversation during a time of crisis – it needs to start earlier than that. So Bucket List is for people who aren’t quite ready to have “that” conversation but are open to thinking about “what do I want to do before I die”.

A topical view of the Bucket List game

Bucket List game

Photography by Playing With Sparks

“Seeing the end of something precious to us gives us the chance of loving it well.”

– Stephen Jenkinson

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My passion is to create innovative and engaging ways to open up our thinking and talking about what matters to us - in our life and our death.


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