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Being comfortable facing your own death will help others be open to consider theirs

Having had my own “brush with death” at a young age ( see Story in About section), facing the loss of something can help you get clarity on your life. These learning experiences can support you in that deeper contempation of life and death, so you can start that conversation you know you need to have


“A Brush With Death” by CD Good

Individual: “Your Recipe for a Really Good Day”

This short online course supports you as you walk through or imagine your own “brush with death” and helps clarify what really matters in the end. This is an exercise that you could use to start conversations with loved ones or you could even walk through the exercise with others to help them get clearer on their values and choices that would matter to them.

Cost $30


“The Seed of Potential” by CD Good

Group: “Celebrate Life – Your Exit Matters”

The seasons of our life come and go, and in some way, our entire life can be seen in seasons.  We are the living being that exists in this world and will exit from it.  What would you like people to remember? How can endings be beginnings? What do you celebrate about being you?

Our thoughts can move us forward but sometime they can leave us feeling stuck or lost. Perhaps we need to just get out of our heads and into our hands. Join a small group virtually over zoom for 4 weeks as you express what matters creatively. Each week is a different activity and a different guide to support your deeper contemplation.

Colour and design a piece portal.
Play the game called Exit Matters to create your Menu of what Matters to you.
Write a story of your life
Celebration Ritual and sharing space.

Cost $80

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