Ick & Spark

Introducing the book and new journal

When Ick Met Spark

This is an original 30 page, a hand-bound book that uses 2 fairies (one named Ick and one named Spark) to reveal a truth about the place of endings and death in our lives. It’s suitable for anyone, young and old, since endings and death of anything is a reality for us all.

The front cover of the hand-bound book When Ick Met Spark
The cover of When Ick Met Spark.
Photography by Playing With Sparks
A page of text from inside the book When Ick Met Spark

The unique spine of the book.

Printed on metallic acid free cardstock and hand bound.

Photography by Playing With Sparks


Discovery Journal 

This workbook includes the story of Ick and Spark but takes their journey further – and makes it personal to you. Using reflective questions, simple artistic activities, meditations and beautiful imagery, their story becomes your own throughout the 50 pages.

Download as a pdf that you can fill in or print – your choice.


What People are Saying

“You have created a very magical and transformative book.”

“… unravels several truths about society and existence and light and darkness.”

“This book helps the reader feel a little less alone and I experienced … ease….”