“What You Seek is Seeking You” – Rumi

Jennifer sits with her back turned and is in silhouette looking over a beautiful sun setting on a lake

Jennifer Davis, Founder, Playing With Sparks

15 September 2015

Without even knowing it existed, this is one of my favourite quotes! Many years ago during a course I was taking, we were going through a guided mediation with the instructions to look for a door.

In the darkness of my mind I was desperately seeking this door (I didn’t want to be the only one in the class who couldn’t find it!) and I got this absolute sense that while I was seeking the door, the door was also seeking me.

Closed rustic red door within a wall that is colourful yet aged

The thick bound spine is on the left.

Photograph by Lorem Ipsum

I can’t tell you the feeling of absolute comfort and trust that washed over me when I recognized the truth of that knowing. I even created a visual reminder of a door (out of paper) where I wrote almost these exact words.

“Remember…that as you seek the door, the door is seeking you.”
– Jennifer

The Roll of the Dice

The Roll of the Dice

It’s been an exciting past year, and there is much to share. As I’ve been thinking of writing a blog post for a while now, something was stopping me. I hesitated. Why? So I decided to play a game.

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